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Completely Portable.

A revolution in home stereo.
Listen at home or take your Hi-Fidelity with you.

We live in a portable world. Our music comes with us everywhere. We asked, why not your HiFi?

Princeton Audio - Just, Plain, Better.

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Internationally Recognized
Speakers you no longer have to put a plant in front of.
  • IDEA Award winning
  • Designed and Built in Princeton, Wisconsin
    • Wisconsin makes more than cheese
  • Crafted - by real human hands
    • Made with "Old World" techniques
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Portable High Fidelity

We live in a portable world.

  • Unrivaled portable acoustics
    • Awesome sound through Physics
  • True Wireless Stereo - Discount on Second speaker
    • PA Wireless Ecosystem ready
  • 15+ hour rechargeability standard
    • 40+ hour optional 
  • Starts at a "scant" 3 lbs
    • Tonewood dependent
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Crafted like a musical instrument

Our usage of instrument quality tonewood sets us apart. 

  • Handcrafted solid wood enclosure
    • Resonates like a musical instrument
  • Each is unique
    • Beautiful grain patterns
  • Tuned for optimum frequency response
    • Superior acoustical properties 
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Sterophile electronics

We added some serious audio hardware.

  • On-Board DAC and DSP
    • World Class Hardware
  • 20 Watt Class D amp
    • Low power / High Output
  • High Resolution Bluetooth
    • High bit rate / Stereo capable
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Designed and Built in Princeton, Wisconsin - USA

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