Crafted like the instruments used to create the music you love.
Portable, wireless, speakers.


Standing on the shoulders of the ones who came before us.
Hand built using the same trusted techniques instrument crafters have used for Centurys. Each speaker is a unique, individually-numbered work of art.  Designed and engineered to play the music you love with unrivaled accuracy and the authenticity the musicians intended.
We call it Craft Audio.

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World-class instruments are crafted from wood, why aren't your speakers?

Like a guitar, our soild tonewood enclosures not only provide an amazing visual appeal, but they also give a natural warmth to your music.

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Crafted, specifically for you.

No two speakers are alike. Each are handbuilt by craftsmen and rigorously tested for sonic perfection.

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What our customers say about them.


The sound reproduction from this cherry speaker keeps true the sonic purity of the instruments as well as the singers voices. To me, I am actually hearing the voices the way they honestly sound without an added undertone of bass that I have experienced with other speakers."

- Chris C, Cherry S:One


My speaker is not just a beautiful piece of art, but the sound is incredible. My Bose Bluetooth speaker has been relegated to the garage - there is no comparison with the sound quality!"

- Cliff S, Black Walnut S:One


I was a little worried about the quality of the audio in a handmade piece of tech, but the frequency range, even at the highest volume, is stunning. There is no perceptible distortion at the loudest settings even for music with lots of prominent highs like choral and orchestral music...Overall, very impressed with the product—highly recommended."

- Phillip, Black Walnut Stereo Pair

Instrument Craftsmanship   blended with  Modern Technology

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