Against the Grain

Chasing Ghosts.

A Much Needed, Long weekend
I have great kids. This past weekend proved it. My oldest took me on an adventure. He sure can be a pain in the ass sometimes and he drives too fast, but I am a pain in the ass and drive fast, too! (Genetics is a powerful thing) He spent his own money and took me on a trip to SW Florida for a long weekend. We hung around Naples, played some golf and checked out the area. The only downside was that we flew Spirit Airlines (The room... see that sexy leg and the millimeter of space, see below!) and some kid kicked the back of my seat the whole way home, PLUS I was reminded that I still suck at golf. However, I got to spend some quality time with my 18-year-old, Hunter, and took some stock in my life.

Your Custom Creations, Hand Built by Us

Inspiration comes from many different sources during the startup phase of a company, and some of those sources of inspiration take a very unexpected form from time to time. I can tell you this much, however, I have been seriously inspired lately. Those of you that have been following this blog have heard me talk about the triangle shape that is so distinctive to Princeton Audio speakers: the award-winning design, how we've patented the shape, how it's rather difficult to make from wood, how some say it reminds them a bit of a birdhouse, all of it. But as I mentioned, I have lately been inspired. The source of this inspiration, interestingly enough, has been one of these triangles in particular.

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The Twelve-Point Shot | A quick end of year reflection on starting a company...

A Quick Overview

I woke up this morning and I was not a happy guy. My typical routine for the morning is to get up early, play some basketball in our neighboring small-town of Markesan, and clear my head for the day. Today, I could not do that.

So I made the logical next step when my back is against the wall, I called my wife Beth.

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Koa: The Royal Warrior

We’re passionate about the tonewoods we use in the construction of our award-winning S:One speakers. Mahogany has long been my favorite but, very recently, that has changed. My new favorite is found only one place in all the world, high in the mountains of a Pacific Island: the royal wood of Hawaiian royalty: Koa wood.

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Go, Go, (wireless) Gadgets

I am a gadget guy, always having loved technology. I am also a wireless audio guy, and have been for quite some time. I distinctly remember being in my brother-in-law's house where he was showing me his cool, new, wired Sonos system that had this huge "brick" for a controller, and thinking this whole, multi-room, distributed audio concept was awesome. The funny thing is, that experience didn't take place that long ago. My brother-in-law was so proud of that system (as well he should have been) but I had other, more portable things in mind.

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