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From our Wood Shop...

Our Princeton Audio S:One's are crafted from solid tonewoods at our wood shop outside of Berlin, Wisconsin. Each cabinet is meticulously crafted by expert woodworkers to ensure accuracy from wood thickness to inside air volume. Every one is then sanded through a progression of paper grits then sprayed with a two part polyurethane with a UV protectant, to ensure longevity and innate beauty of the tonewoods.

To learn more about our usage of tonewoods click here:

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To Assembly and Test...

After each cabinet is inspected at our facility in Berlin, they are transported to our Headquarters in Princeton, Wisconsin for final assembly, test and shipment via our beloved (and oldest in State) United States Postal Service. Each S:One is painstakingly constructed, one at a time, then brought to "life" with our exceptional electronics. Before shipment, each is listened to by our Founder - Mike Pelland, to ensure there are no defects, then fully charged and boxed and shipped to you.

Find out how you resonate, or browse our tonewood selections below:

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