Built to Perform

Made individually by hand, our speakers are built like instruments. That standard ensures that you have speaker that sounds as good in a decade as it does today.

Craft Audio | From raw wood to final assembly, its a hands on approach.

When you order a speaker from us, our skilled craftsman begin a journey changing natural, raw materials into a portable instrument for your music. With care and meticulous attention to detail, they are shaped with consideration given to the unique grain patterns and characteristics of that one-of-kind board.

No two speakers are exactly alike, just like no two people have the exact same taste in music or design preferences. By foregoing mass production, we give you the ability to design and personalize a speaker that is gives justice to your favorite music.

Superior Portable Sound | Customize your own, unique speaker.

From beginning to end, every stage of our production process is labor intensive. It was engineered that way, deliberately to ensure that all of our future products are scrutinized the experienced eyes of our expert craftsman. They are meticulous and uncompromising, and ensure that quality is maintained at every level.

Why? The difference can heard as well as seen. Through the combination of time-tested technique with modern day technology, you can hold to the standard expect of American craftsmanship. There is a reason our 10-Year Warranty is unrivaled in the industry, and we stand behind it.

Everything about our approach to producing speakers goes "against the grain" of today's standards. Using wood alone requires that a person work with it because no two boards are exactly the same, there are added challenges on our end and there is no way to replace it with a cheaper substitute. So why do we do it?

The answer is simple: To provide you with great sounding music for years to come.

Richer, Warmer Sound

Solid, Tonewood Cabinet

Unrivaled 10-Year Warranty

Old-World Craftsmanship   meets   New-World Technology

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