True Stereo, No Wires 

Turn your favorite Bluetooth device into a concert experience you can take with you anywhere.

Originally planned to replace the standard aux cable, Bluetooth is often thought of as limited to driving one speaker at a time. But what if that's not loud enough? What about authentic, stereo sound?

Your music should never be compromised. Our unique True Wireless Stereo feature, allows you to pair any two Princeton Audio speakers, stream to them from any Bluetooth source, and enjoy full, life-like sound just as the artist intended.

Every speaker is engineered to play either independently or in a Wireless System, allowing it to adjust based on your needs. If you have a stereo pair and don't want to carry both outside, simply grab one and switch it to "Single Bluetooth." Then, simply repair them together later in Left and Right and pick your music up right where you left off.

Each of the configurations has its strengths, from added portability to insane amounts of bass. We all listen to music in our way, and the flexibile pairing is designed to put you in control. Plus, you can always add the next piece in the future with no added hassle!


Reviews from S:One Stereo Pair Owners

BW Gold - Reviews.png
Top Notch Sound, Style, and Service. I received my s:stereo today, and the quality is everything I expected! The true stereo sound stands out with this incredibly designed and well thought out speaker set. You will not be disappointed with their impressive products."

- Chase, Black Walnut S:Stereo Owner
Mahogany Silver - Reviews.png
The overengineered bass sounds from Sonos/Bose cant begin to compare to the Site:1 warmth from the tonewood body-- I was deciding between mahogany and walnut-- went w mahogany and very happy --- well worth the purchase and the wait. You cant rush art. 
The other thing I really like is the way the two speakers can bluetooth in true stereo--- beatles / steely dan sounds great-"

- John, Mahogany S:Stereo Owner
Mahogany Bronwn - Reviews.png
Stereo is the way to go. The sound was wonderful from one speaker, it truly is room-filling from two and the room in our house is big (open concept). So, yes, I am very pleased with my Site 1 speakers. They are well-worth the price and wait. You will not be disappointed."

- Richard, Mahogany Stereo Pair Owner
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