Tonewood: Naturally Sonic

Tonewoods provides a warm, rich sound that has made it a standard when making musical instruments. Why should your music ever be played on anything less?

Nature's Perfect Resonator

For thousands of years, the best musical instruments have been made of wood, from the lutes and drums of ancient Greece to the Gibson guitars and Stradivarius violins of today. There is one simple reason why this material has stood the test of time: When it comes to producing sound, wood just sounds better.

Since the goal of both an instrument and a speaker is to produce the best, richest sound possible, they should be created using the same materials. We've gone against the grain of the portable audio industry that mass manufactures its products from plastic, and instead have chosen to handcraft each and every speaker from instrument-quality wood, revealing a richness and depth to your music that other portable speakers can't replicate.

Certain varieties of wood are known as tonewoods, due to the fact they posses specific tonal properties that make them ideal choices for use in instrument crafting. We use four main tonewoods in speaker crafting:


Sustainable Quality

Not only is wood a responsible, renewable resource to use in manufacturing, the responsive, fiberous composition of wood allows it to maintain its structural integrity over long periods of time, and makes it hardy enough to withstand exposure to a range of harsh environmental conditions. With proper care, products and structures made of wood can last for centuries. 


High-End Visual Appeal

For thousands of years, wood has been highly prized for its timeless aesthetic appeal, and is often employed as both a structural and decorative element in a plethora of designs. The graceful figuring, fascinating grain patterns, and rich colors of wood please the eye and invite the touch. Wood's seemingly endless versatility allows it to effortlessly adapt to virtually any style, and add a warm, natural note to any design scheme.