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I set out to make a dream come true. This is the determination that powered the creation of Princeton Audio. I shared my dream, drafted others to my cause, and now this passion is as much theirs as it is mine. Together, we founded an audio company as a passionate response to the mass-produced, plastic boxes that litter the portable audio industry today. I thought outside those boxes, replaced cheap plastics with premium tonewoods, traded mass manufacture for handcrafted production, and committed myself to innovative technology that provides the very best sound for the music you love. 

Music has been called the universal language, but it transcends language. The best music, the music we love, is our emotional connection to the infinite. It resonates within us, with the power to heighten our moment of connection to a time, a place, a person, and embed it into our memories forever. But somehow, over the years, we lost our way, and our music became a cloud of tinny noise, emanating from tiny, plastic speakers or a cheap set of earbuds.  Well, no more: Good music deserves better.

Introducing S:OneCH Spin.gif
The S:One speaker is the first expression of my new resolve. Hand-crafted out of a wide variety of premium, instrument-quality tonewoods, S:One speakers are as visually stunning as they are sonically beautiful. If you’ve been closing your eyes to listen to your music, now you can open them again. And that beauty is far from skin-deep; S:One speakers are individually tuned to take advantage of the special acoustical properties of each, and boast sophisticated, upgradeable electronics that deliver audiophile-quality sound. With 15+ hours of battery life, S:One is a fully-portable, exquisitely designed Bluetooth-enabled speaker that faithfully reproduces the music you love. Wireless doesn't mean less anymore.

The Lights are on Again in Princeton
My wife and I bought an old building right in the center of town, fixed it up, and restored it to the community. But it is more than a factory, more than a store, not merely a place to work. It is a bright lantern, a beacon of welcome, declaring that the town of Princeton, Wisconsin is alive again with music meant to be shared. We hope you will follow that light to our door. If you love music, we have made a place for you here. We promise that our products will be worthy of the music you love, that they will be beautiful, and that they will last. It is our hope that the instruments of beautiful music that we create at Princeton Audio will inspire you to reclaim your own dreams.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day, to be a part of mine.

Michael Pelland

The separation and clarity of sound is like sitting in the middle of an orchestra. Thank you, Princeton Audio. What a thoughtful job you have done!"
-Gretchen Z.

Robb Report

Customizable good looks and unique construction set Wisconsin-based startup Princeton Audio's Site:1 Bluetooth speaker apart from the highlycompetitive wireless pack."

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While many domestic companies, citing the glut of cheaply made foreign imports in the portable audio market, have chosen to outsource production of their own products, Founder and CEO Michael Pelland stresses that his company has chosen a different path..."

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The Absolute Sound

The "Site:1" speaker is the first expression of the company's resolve. Crafted out of a wide cariety of carefully selected, instrument-quality tonewoods such as sustainable, plantation-grown mahogany, black walnut, maple, and black cherry, Site:1 speakers are as visual stunning as they are sonically beautiful..."

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